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1972 Ford Bronco

Exploring the Iconic Legacy of the 1972 Ford Bronco: A Classic Adventure


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The 1972 Ford Bronco combines rugged capability with timeless style, making it a beloved classic among off-road enthusiasts and collectors. Its robust construction and iconic design have captured hearts for decades. At Monarch Showroom, we feature this beautifully restored Bronco, a testament to the golden age of American automotive design. 

With its striking Sequoia Brown Metallic finish and powerful V8 engine, this Bronco is engineered for adventure and everyday driving. Maintained with care and upgraded with discernment, it offers vintage appeal with modern reliability, making every drive a joy.

Join us as we delve into the features, history, and charm of the 1972 Ford Bronco. Discover why this classic SUV captivates enthusiasts and remains a symbol of adventure and freedom here at Monarch Showroom.


Overview of 1972 Ford Bronco

The 1972 Ford Bronco represents a pivotal chapter in the history of this iconic SUV. Renowned for its rugged capability and timeless design, the 1972 model embodies the adventurous spirit synonymous with the Bronco. Its sturdy construction and versatile features enable it to tackle all terrain easily.


Differences from Previous Models

Several updates set the 1972 Bronco apart from its predecessors, notably introducing optional power steering and enhancing maneuverability and driving comfort.

Interior upgrades included redesigned seats for enhanced comfort and an ergonomic dashboard layout. The front axle was upgraded from a Dana 30 to the durable Dana 44, improving performance and reliability.


Special Editions and Packages

In 1972, Ford introduced various editions of the Bronco, catering to diverse preferences and needs. The Sport Package added sophistication with chrome trim and a polished interior, while the Explorer Package offered exterior graphics and additional comfort features.

The Ranger Package combines rugged functionality with premium features, such as upgraded upholstery, carpeting, and insulation. These packages enabled buyers to customize their Bronco to match their lifestyles and preferences, enhancing aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.


Design and Features of the First Generation Ford Bronco

From its inception, the Ford Bronco has been renowned for its striking design and balance of style and functionality. Every aspect, from the brawny exterior to the comfortable interior, is crafted for aesthetic appeal and practical use.


Exterior Styling

The Bronco’s exterior design is iconic and functional. Its boxy silhouette and clean lines create a utilitarian look that has aged gracefully. Features like flat glass, plain bumpers, and symmetrical door skins highlight its practical design ethos.

The first-generation Bronco was available in three styles: the wagon, the half-cab pickup, and the open-body roadster. Each style offered versatility, from off-road adventures to everyday utility. 

Introduced in 1967, the Sport Package added chrome trim and distinctive red-painted “FORD” grille lettering, giving the Bronco a polished appearance.


Interior Layout and Amenities

Inside, the 1972 Bronco continued its theme of practicality and simplicity. The dashboard featured easy-to-read gauges and minimal distractions. Redesigned seats enhanced comfort, and the cabin layout ensured everything was within reach.

Despite its rugged nature, the Bronco offered several comforts, including options for front bucket seats, a rear bench seat, and various dealer-installed accessories like a CB radio and a tow bar. From 1972, the Ranger trim level added upgraded upholstery, carpeting, and additional insulation, providing a refined driving experience.


Stock Wheel and Tire Specifications

The 1972 Bronco came equipped with 15-inch wheels with standard tires designed for durability and performance across various terrains. Its suspension system, with a coil-sprung Dana 44 front and leaf-sprung rear axle, ensured a smooth ride and excellent off-road capability.

The 1972 introduction of optional power steering improved maneuverability, making the Bronco easier to handle in tight spots and during off-road excursions. This feature, combined with its drivetrain and suspension, cemented the Bronco’s reputation as a versatile and reliable SUV.


Engine and Performance of the 1972 Ford Bronco

The 1972 Ford Bronco is celebrated for its vigorous engine options and impressive capabilities. Let’s explore the engine choices, transmission types, and performance metrics that define this classic SUV’s prowess.


Engine Options Available in 1972

The Ford Bronco offered two options. The base engine, a 200-cubic-inch (3.3-liter) inline-six, was renowned for its reliability and efficiency. It produced 105 horsepower, suitable for everyday driving and light off-road adventures.

In contrast, the Bronco offered a 302-cubic-inch (4.9-liter) V8 engine. This small block V8 delivered 205 horsepower and was popular among off-road enthusiasts and those requiring additional hauling power.


Transmission Types

The 1972 Bronco featured a standard three-speed manual transmission, known for its durability and straightforward operation. This column-shifted transmission provided an engaging driving experience, suitable for on-road and off-road conditions.

Ford also offered a three-speed automatic transmission as an optional upgrade, making the Bronco accessible to a broader audience. The automatic transmission enhanced versatility, especially in urban and suburban settings with stop-and-go traffic.


Performance Metrics and Capabilities

Equipped with the 302 V8 engine, the 1972 Bronco could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds, a respectable time for an SUV of its era. This engine also provided ample torque, facilitating navigating challenging off-road terrains and steep inclines.

The Bronco’s four-wheel-drive system, with a shift-on-the-fly Dana 20 transfer case, allowed seamless switching between two-wheel and four-wheel drive modes. This capability was crucial for off-road enthusiasts needing to adapt to varying terrains. The Dana 44 front axle, introduced in 1971, further enhanced durability and performance.

With a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, the 1972 Bronco was ideal for towing trailers, boats, and other recreational equipment. Its sturdy construction and reliable powertrain made it a favorite among outdoor adventurers and those needing a versatile, capable vehicle for work and play.


Restoration and Modifications of Monarch’s 1972 Ford Bronco

The 1972 Ford Bronco at Monarch Showroom is a shining example of meticulous restoration and thoughtful modifications. This classic SUV has been brought back to life with attention to preserving its charm while enhancing its performance and reliability.

Below is an in-depth analysis of the restoration process and the modifications that make this Bronco stand out.



This Bronco underwent a multi-year body-off-frame restoration by its previous driver, who owned the vehicle for over 51 years in Central Valley, California. The restoration focused on maintaining the vehicle’s period-fitting appearance while incorporating subtle updates to enhance its functionality.



The 1972 Bronco’s original Sequoia Brown Metallic color was preserved with a meticulous base coat-clear coat refinish. All original body panels, doors, and hood were retained, showcasing the authentic care taken in this restoration. Rust was addressed using polished stainless body bolts and fasteners, ensuring longevity. 

New tinted glass complements the Bronco’s classic look. The restored grill, new chrome trim, and dual outside mirrors enhance the vintage appeal. The painted and Rhino-coated removable hardtop adds durability while maintaining the Bronco’s timeless aesthetic.



The front bucket and rear jump seats were refurbished with custom OEM-style brown vinyl upholstery, paying homage to the period-correct design. To maintain the classic color scheme, parchment door panels with armrests matched with Rhino-lined interior floor pans and headliners. 

The dashboard was restored to its former glory, featuring a new OE instrument cluster and polished billet/tread control knobs. A wrapped Body Armor roll-bar was included for added safety, blending with the vintage interior.


Engine and Powertrain

The original Ford 302 4bbl V-8 engine was rebuilt, balanced, and blueprinted. As an upgrade, this engine is now cooled by a custom aluminum dual-core cross-flow radiator and a 16″ SPAL electric cooling fan.

A restored 3-speed manual transmission pairs with the original Dana 44 front and 9″ rear Limited Slip axles featuring 410 Yukon Gears. This setup ensures a reliable driving experience, faithful to the original Bronco’s performance.


Chassis and Suspension

The original chassis was restored with a black powder-coated frame, axles, suspension components, and driveshaft assemblies. Rhino-coated underbody pans add an extra layer of protection. 

Original suspension components were restored, maintaining the vehicle’s authentic handling characteristics. New springs, steering bushings, and body mounts were installed to ensure a smooth ride.



The modifications on this 1972 Ford Bronco enhance its performance, comfort, and reliability while preserving its classic appeal. Extensive use of Tom’s Offroad components has transformed the Bronco into a versatile and enjoyable vehicle.



Modern lighting elements, including KC halogen headlights and Hi-Lites Daylighter with Gravity LED driving lamps, improve visibility without compromising the vehicle’s vintage look. For practicality, a roof rack offers additional storage options. 

Show powder-coated front and rear Impact Series bumpers add a rugged touch, while a Smitty X2O 10,000lb synthetic rope winch provides functionality for off-road adventures. Ultra-flex fender flares add to its ruggedness, allowing for better wheel articulation.



Modifications blend modern convenience with classic style. A vintage A/C-Heat system provides modern climate control. A modern sound system with Bluetooth capabilities was integrated, offering contemporary convenience while maintaining the vehicle’s vintage aesthetic.

Further enhancements include a tilt steering column, polished billet aluminum steering wheel, and a custom instrument cluster, blending old-school aesthetics with modern ergonomics. The column-mounted tachometer and custom tread handles add functionality to the classic interior, creating a nostalgic driving experience.


Engine and Powertrain

Performance upgrades to the engine and powertrain were made to boost the Bronco’s power while making it reliable. The rebuilt V8 engine features Edelbrock Performance aluminum cylinder heads, an intake manifold, a Holley 670 Avenger carburetor, and an MSD distributor. 

Additional enhancements include ceramic-coated long tube headers, custom electric cut-outs, Flowmaster mufflers, and a rear exit exhaust system, ensuring the engine performs well on and off-road.


Chassis and Suspension

Upgraded suspension components, including Bilstein 5125 Off-Road shocks and a 2.5″ suspension lift kit, improve the Bronco’s capabilities and ride comfort. Warn-locking front hubs provide better control in challenging conditions.

A power 4-wheel disc brake conversion featuring a Wilwood billet master cylinder and a new OEM brake booster assembly enhances safety and handling. Custom steering components and dual aluminum fuel tanks offer improved precision and extended driving range.


Maintenance of the 1972 Ford Bronco

Proper care is essential for keeping the 1972 Ford Bronco in top condition. Systematic attention ensures this classic SUV performs well and retains its value.


Routine Maintenance Schedule

To maintain the longevity of a classic such as the 1972 Ford Bronco, monthly inspections should include checking and topping all fluid levels, such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. It’s also vital to examine the tires for proper inflation and wear while inspecting the battery terminals for corrosion.

The engine oil and oil filter should be changed every 3,000 miles. This interval is also a good time to check and replace the air filter if necessary. In addition, the brake system, including pads, rotors, and fluid levels, should be inspected to ensure optimal performance.

Rotating the tires at 6,000 miles is advisable to promote even wear and extend their lifespan. The suspension and steering components should be checked for wear and alignment during this service. Inspecting the exhaust system for leaks or damage and making repairs is also crucial.

The fuel filter should be replaced every 12,000 miles to maintain a clean fuel supply. If necessary, spark plugs and ignition components should be inspected and replaced to ensure efficient combustion. All belts and hoses should be checked for signs of wear and replaced if needed to prevent breakdowns.


Recommended Oils and Fluids

When dealing with a classic and depending on the climate, high-quality, classic car engine oil with the appropriate viscosity, such as SAE 10W-30 or 20W-50, is recommended. These oils often contain additives that protect older components.

For the cooling system, a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water is ideal for preventing corrosion and ensuring effective cooling. Brake fluid should be DOT 3 or DOT 4, checked and replaced to maintain braking efficiency.

The manual transmission requires high-quality gear oil, such as SAE 80W-90, suitable for the Bronco’s transmission. It’s also important to check and top off the power steering fluid with a product recommended for classic vehicles.


Long-term Storage Tips

If you plan to store the 1972 Ford Bronco, preparation is essential to ensure it remains in good condition. Begin by washing and waxing the exterior. Cleaning the interior and removing food or debris will prevent pests.

Before storage, change the engine oil and filter to remove contaminants. Fill the fuel tank and add a stabilizer to prevent degradation. Run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the stabilizer throughout the system. Disconnect the battery and store it in a cool, dry place, using a battery maintainer to keep it charged.

Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure and consider placing the vehicle on jack stands to prevent flat spots. Covering the tires will protect them from UV damage. In fact, use a high-quality car cover to protect the vehicle from dust and potential damage.

Store the Bronco in a dry, climate-controlled environment to prevent moisture buildup and rust formation. Check on the vehicle during storage. Starting the engine and letting it run for a few minutes every few weeks will keep all components in good condition. 


Historical Significance of the 1972 Ford Bronco

The 1972 Ford Bronco represents a key development in the evolution of the SUV. Its rugged design, off-road capabilities, and enduring appeal have made it a vehicle that captivates enthusiasts and collectors.


The Bronco’s Place in Automotive History

Introduced in 1966, the Ford Bronco was designed to compete with the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout. It gained popularity due to its versatile design, which offered a blend of on-road comfort and off-road prowess. 

The first-generation Bronco, including the 1972 model, set the standard for future SUVs. Its body-on-frame construction, short wheelbase, and four-wheel-drive system provided exceptional off-road performance. 

Over the years, the Bronco’s design and engineering innovations influenced the development of other SUVs, solidifying its place in automotive history as a pioneering vehicle.


Notable Owners and Appearances in Media

The most famous instance was the low-speed chase involving O.J. Simpson in 1994, which brought the Bronco into the spotlight. Despite the negative connotations associated with this event, it contributed to the Bronco’s enduring legacy and public fascination.

Moreover, various celebrities have owned Broncos, including comedian Jay Leno and musician Alice Cooper. These high-profile owners have contributed to the vehicle’s status​ 

The Bronco has also made numerous appearances in movies, television shows, and other media, further cementing its place in popular culture. It has been featured in films such as “Romancing the Stone” and “Gone in 60 Seconds,” as well as TV shows like “The Rockford Files” and “CHiPs.” 


Contributions to the SUV Segment

The Ford Bronco played a pivotal role in developing the SUV segment. Its popularity caused a shift in consumer preferences toward vehicles that offered off-road capability and practicality. This success paved the way for other manufacturers to enter the SUV market, leading to the range of options available today​​.

Ford’s decision to survey Jeep and Scout owners before designing the Bronco was strategic. The feedback helped Ford address the shortcomings, making the vehicle more capable and user-friendly. 

The Bronco’s legacy continues with the introduction of the sixth-generation model, which has been met with enthusiasm. This modern iteration stays true to the Bronco’s roots while incorporating contemporary technology and design, ensuring the Bronco remains a relevant and beloved name in the SUV segment​​.


Monarch Showroom

This classic SUV symbolizes adventure, freedom, and American automotive ingenuity. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a restored 1972 Ford Bronco, feeling the power of its iconic V8 engine and turning heads with its Sequoia Brown Metallic finish. 

At Monarch Showroom, we specialize in bringing vintage vehicles back to life, and this 1972 Ford Bronco is a prime example of our dedication to quality and authenticity. It’s been maintained and upgraded to offer classic aesthetics and contemporary reliability.

Selecting Monarch Showroom means choosing a commitment to excellence. Our passion for perfection is evident in every vehicle we offer. When you purchase from us, you’re investing in a legacy of automotive excellence.

Let us help you make this iconic vehicle a part of your life. Contact Jake Sudduth at [email protected] or (615) 880-9900 to learn more about this exceptional 1972 Ford Bronco and arrange a visit to our showroom.

Explore our collection and realize why Monarch Showroom is the premier destination for luxury and classic vehicles. Your dream Bronco awaits. Take the first step toward owning this timeless classic.

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