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2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe S

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S: A Symphony of Power and Elegance


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2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S: A Symphony of Power and Elegance

Discover the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S, a vehicle that combines the thrill of sports car performance with the grace of a luxury coupe. This automobile, a jewel in the crown of Monarch Showroom, is an exquisite example of the harmony between advanced engineering and elegant design. 


Each line and curve of the Coupe S speaks of meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence that Mercedes-AMG is celebrated for. The experience of being behind the wheel is nothing short of transformative, taking you on an exploration of automotive artistry. 


Overview of 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S

A car that embodies the pinnacle of design and mechanical prowess. Clad in black exterior, it exudes a commanding and graceful presence. 


At its core lies a formidable 4.0L Biturbo V8 engine that generates a staggering 503 horsepower. This enables movement from a standstill to 60 mph in a mere 3.7 seconds, a testament to its breathtaking acceleration capabilities. But the allure of the AMG GT Coupe S extends beyond raw speed. 


Inside, the cabin is a sanctuary of elegance, with Exclusive Nappa Leather upholstery and a suite of advanced features, marrying comfort with connectivity. This car is a crafted experience offered by Monarch Showroom. It stands as a beacon for those seeking the ultimate in performance and opulence. This rare gem promises to elevate every journey into an occasion of unparalleled enjoyment and prestige.


Heritage of the Mercedes-AMG GT Series

The Mercedes-AMG GT Series represents a fusion of racing heritage and modern grand touring luxury. It’s a story unfolding through groundbreaking design, innovative engineering, and a pursuit of perfection. 


As we delve into the history of this iconic series, we uncover the journey of a brand that has redefined the limits of automotive excellence. From the drawing board to the racetrack and onto the world’s most prestigious roads, the AMG GT Series has etched its name in the annals of automobiles.


Legacy of the Mercedes-AMG GT

The AMG GT, a grand tourer first graced the automotive world in September 2014. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, it marked a new chapter in the saga of Mercedes-AMG, a brand synonymous with precision engineering and unparalleled design.


The GT’s design pays homage to its predecessors while forging its identity. Inspired by the wide wheel arches and sloping roofline of the SLS AMG, its exterior diverged from the gullwing doors, opting instead for forward-opening doors. This design choice was a nod to the iconic 300 SL of the 1950s, blending heritage with modernity. The car’s structure, aluminum with a magnesium front module, exemplifies the brand’s dedication to lightweight construction.


Inside, the AMG GT introduced a new realm of luxury, with a large center console and quality materials, reflecting Mercedes-AMG’s pursuit of perfection. The interior, designed by Jan Kaul, was a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship, offering a balance of performance-oriented design and lavish comfort.


The Distinction of the Mercedes-AMG GT S

The Mercedes-AMG GT S, introduced alongside the standard GT, took the grand tourer concept to new heights. As a more potent variant, the GT S delivers heightened performance without sacrificing its counterpart’s grandeur. 


The heart of the GT S is its 4.0L M178 twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which produces an exhilarating 503 horsepower. This, combined with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential and AMG’s SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, offered drivers an unmatched sports car experience.


The GT S distinguished itself with various enhancements over the GT model, including an adaptive suspension system, AMG Performance Exhaust System, and a staggered wheel setup. These features augmented the car’s performance and presence, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking power and panache.


Each iteration of the GT S has been a step forward in Mercedes-AMG’s pursuit of automotive excellence, blending its racing heritage with glamour in a package that’s as thrilling to drive as it is to behold.


The GT S represents more than just a model in the AMG lineup; it is a testament to the brand’s philosophy of “One Man, One Engine,” an ethos that ensures each vehicle is crafted with a personal touch.



The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S encapsulates the zenith of automotive performance, blending technical prowess with exhilarating driving dynamics. 


Engine Specifications

The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S is powered by a 4.0-liter Biturbo (twin-turbocharged) V8 engine (M178). This heart of the vehicle offers a potent output of 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. Its “hot inside V” configuration, with exhaust manifolds and turbochargers nestled inside the cylinder banks, reduces turbo lag, ensuring immediate power delivery. 


The engine employs dry-sump lubrication, enhancing its performance by maintaining oil flow and engine cooling even under extreme conditions. This setup ensures peak performance and contributes to the vehicle’s lower center of gravity, enhancing its handling and stability. It offers a powerful and refined drive, an embodiment of performance engineering.



The GT S is equipped with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed transmission, an automated dual-clutch manual transmission that offers seamless gear changes. This transmission system comprises two sub-transmissions, each with a clutch, allowing for rapid shifts without losing tractive power. 


The driver can choose between three modes — “Economy,” “Sport,” and “Manual”. The “Sport” mode allows for higher revs and earlier downshifts, while “Manual” offers engaging shifts using steering wheel gearshift paddles. The ECO start/stop function and the seamless gear transitions contribute to the car’s efficiency and driving comfort.


Handling and Suspension

The AMG GT S’s handling is a blend of agility and poise, thanks to its front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, and the spaceframe chassis made of aluminum alloys. With forged aluminum components, the double-wishbone suspension setup at the front and rear, ensures responsive handling. 


This system, coupled with the car’s optimal weight distribution (47% front, 53% rear) and its 103.5-inch wheelbase, results in a stable driving experience, whether on a highway or a winding mountain road. The steering, a rack-pinion type with a 44.4-foot turning diameter, offers control and feedback, making the GT S a joy to maneuver in all driving scenarios.


Acceleration and Speed

Performance is where the AMG GT S shines. It sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, a figure that speaks to the sheer capability and engineering behind this machine. With a top speed of 193 mph, the GT S delivers exhilarating speed with stability and control.


However, the GT S can surpass its official numbers. Car and Driver’s road test clocked the vehicle accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, completing a quarter mile in 11.2 seconds while reaching its top speed. 


Fuel Efficiency

The GT S marries its high-performance nature with fuel efficiency. EPA estimates rate it at 18 mpg combined, with 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway, impressive for a car with this power. The 17-gallon fuel tank provides a decent range, ensuring that the GT S is as practical for daily driving as it is exhilarating for spirited runs.


The Car and Driver Experience: Driving the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S

Driving the 2016 AMG GT S is an engagement with a machine that embodies the spirit of high-performance motoring. From its unbridled power to its sophisticated handling, the GT S is a testament to Mercedes-AMG’s legacy in crafting vehicles that provide thrills and refinement.


With its twin-turbocharged V8 engine and responsive throttle,the AMG GT S invites drivers to push the limits, especially in Sport or Sport Plus modes. The car’s engine, coupled with an adaptive suspension and a staggered wheel setup (19-inch wheels at the front and 20-inch at the rear), ensures a driving experience that is robust yet controlled. 


On mountain roads or race tracks, the GT S holds the road and responds to every command. Its balanced handling, enhanced by the limited-slip differential and AMG Ride Control suspension allows for controlled rear-end slides and precise cornering.


Despite its track-ready capabilities, the AMG GT S outshines as a grand tourer. Its adjustable suspension settings make it suitable for long drives. The seating position is low in the bolstered and comfortable seats, and the cabin remains quiet, adding to its grand touring credentials. Yet, the GT S retains a sporty edge, with a stiff ride even in its most comfortable mode.


The GT S features nuanced steering and a sophisticated transmission system. While softer,the steering is hefty and communicative, allowing drivers to feel connected to the road. The 7-speed transmission impresses with its crisp shifts and perfect rev-matching for downshifts. Whether using the auto or selecting gears with the paddles, the response is immediate and satisfying. The transition from city to spirited highway driving is seamless.


In race mode, the car becomes more engaging, with the stability program allowing for greater slip angles while still providing a safety net. The grip levels are high, and the steering becomes more direct. The car communicates well, letting the driver know when they approach the limits, and the strong carbon-ceramic brakes ensure confidence under hard braking.


While the GT S is focused on performance, it also provides comfort and sophistication expected in a high-end Mercedes-AMG model. The COMAND interface and navigation system offer a range of connected features and impressive graphics. The Burmester audio system is a standout feature, delivering exceptional sound quality that competes with the engine’s roar.


2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S Interior

Delve into the heart of the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S, where every element of its interior is a blend of elegance and technology. This model boasts the Exclusive Interior Package and Exclusive Interior Trim, setting a new standard in automotive luxury. From the moment you open the door, you’re welcomed into a world where premium materials and advanced features coalesce.



The seats, clad in quality leather with sophisticated carbon fiber accents, provide a perfect marriage of comfort and sportiness. The attention to detail extends to the AMG Illuminated Door Sill Plates, which greet you with a subtle yet pampered welcome.


The Exclusive Interior Trim, which graces this model, encompasses elements like the Gloss Carbon Rear Cross Bar, enhancing the sporty feel. This trim package creates an environment that feels as good as it looks, ensuring that every touchpoint resonates with quality and sophistication.


Entertainment and Connectivity

In the realm of entertainment and connectivity, the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S stands tall. The centerpiece is the Burmester High-End Surround Sound System, an auditory feast that turns the cabin into a concert hall. The system is integrated with the infotainment, which includes navigation and connectivity options.


The infotainment system also serves as the nerve center of the car’s technological offerings. It is intuitive and offers access to various features, including satellite radio and Bluetooth. Whether for navigation, enjoying your favorite music, or staying connected, the system is designed to be functional and enjoyable.


Comfort and Convenience

Attention to detail is evident in the GT S’s interior design. Intuitively placed controls and the use of quality materials reflect a commitment to excellence. The cabin offers a luxurious environment catering to the driver’s and passenger’s needs. It is a masterful combination of comfort and spaciousness, essential for all high-performance, long-distance grand tourers.

A fixed panoramic roof introduces natural light that elevates the drive. This ambiance complements the vehicle’s dynamic drive.


2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S Exterior

The exterior is a striking display of automotive artistry. From the sleek paintwork to the aerodynamic contours, this vehicle is a blend of sophistication and speed, crafted to captivate and perform. 



Draped in a shade of black, the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S commands attention. This is a statement of style; it accentuates the vehicle’s sculpted contours and pronounced edges. 


The paint’s quality finish adds dimension, allowing the GT S to capture the interplay of light and shadow in a way that emphasizes its dynamic form. This color is timeless, reflecting the car’s blend of luxury and performance.


Body Style

The body of the AMG GT S is a masterful display of Mercedes-AMG’s design philosophy. It features a sweeping hood that transitions into a compact and athletic rear end, evoking a sense of motion even when stationary. This design is reminiscent of the iconic Mercedes SLS models, yet it has a distinct modern edge. 


The silhouette is optimized with aerodynamics in mind, reducing drag while enhancing stability at high speeds. The wide wheel arches and low stance underscore the vehicle’s performance capabilities, making it clear that this car is built for speed and splendor.


Wheels and Tires

The wheels of the GT S are as much a part of its performance DNA as they are of its visual appeal. It comes with striking red brake calipers, a detail that adds a dash of sportiness while hinting at the car’s stopping power. 


The GT S is equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, which offer superior grip and handling. These tires are mounted on expert-designed wheels – 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. This deliberate setup optimizes weight distribution and enhances the car’s handling. Together, the wheels and tires are integral to the GT S’s athletic persona.


Safety Features

The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT combines exhilarating performance with a suite of safety features, reflecting a commitment to driving enjoyment and occupant protection.


Advanced Safety Features

The vehicle is equipped with Electronic Stability Control and Hill Start Assist to maintain stability in various driving conditions. The Traction Control System (TCS) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA) enhance vehicle handling and responsiveness. 


Driver support features such as front and rear parking sensors, Driver Alertness Detection, and rain sensors elevate the safety and ease of driving. The car is also safeguarded by an anti-theft alarm and central locking system.



Occupant protection in the AMG GT is bolstered by a comprehensive airbag system. This includes frontal airbags for the driver and front passenger, side-impact airbags, first-row curtain airbags, and knee airbags. 


Braking System

The AMG GT’s system incorporates an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking. 


The vehicle also features advanced systems such as Electronic Brake Assist (BA/EBA). This is crucial for maintaining stability, especially during high-speed driving or in emergency situations. 


Maintenance and Service

Recommended Service Intervals

Mercedes-Benz prescribes specific intervals to keep the AMG GT in optimal condition:


10,000-Mile Interval (Service A): This initial service includes synthetic oil and filter replacement, a fluid level check and correction, a multi-point inspection, and windshield wiper replacement.


20,000-Mile Interval (Service B): The service includes an oil change with filter replacement, in-cabin filter replacement, brake fluid change, fluid level check and correction, a multi-point inspection, wiper blade replacements, and engine air filter replacement.


30,000- and 40,000-Mile Marks: These intervals repeat the earlier services, focusing on synthetic oil and oil filter replacement, wiper blade changes, fluid level checks, and wiper blade replacements.


Following these  timings preserves the car’s performance and longevity.


Service Plans

Mercedes-Benz offers pre-paid maintenance plans, a beneficial choice for AMG GT owners. These plans cover the standard maintenance tasks and can be purchased to extend beyond the warranty period. 


Spare Parts Availability

The availability of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts guarantees that replacements meet the original components’ specifications and quality.The vehicle will receive the best care with parts designed for their model by Mercedes AMG.


Availability and Pricing

In the world of premium automobiles, the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S stands as a symbol of performance mingled with refined luxury. Monarch Showroom, renowned for its curated selection of exceptional vehicles, showcases this exclusive model, embodying the essence of automotive distinction.



The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S at Monarch Showroom represents a unique acquisition for car enthusiasts and collectors. With its distinguished black paint over Black Exclusive Nappa Leather interior and a mere 15,580 miles on the odometer, this vehicle offers an unparalleled combination of style, power, and luxury. 


It joins an elite collection at Monarch, including the likes of a 2021 Mercedes-GLS-63-AMG and a 2015 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G-63 AMG, each showcasing the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz craftsmanship.


Dealership Location

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Franklin, TN, Monarch Showroom transcends the traditional concept of a car dealership. It’s a place where Southern charm blends with the world of elite automobiles.

Directions are available here for those seeking to visit this exclusive venue. The journey to Monarch Showroom is as rewarding as the experience, with each mile bringing you closer to a world where cars are celebrated.


Test Drive

At Monarch Showroom, we believe that the true essence of the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S can only be appreciated firsthand. We invite prospective buyers to schedule a test drive, offering an opportunity to connect with the spirit of this exceptional vehicle.


Driving the AMG GT Coupe S resonates beyond the mere act of driving. It’s an encounter that stirs the senses, from the roar of the engine to the precision of its handling. 


Delivery Options

At Monarch Showroom, we recognize the importance of each step in acquiring a vehicle as exceptional as the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S. Hence, we offer delivery services tailored to the preferences of our discerning clientele. Our aim is to make it an event that reflects the prestige of your purchase.


Whether your choice is a ceremonial handover within the elegant ambiance of our showroom or a customized delivery, we handle each detail with utmost care. Our approach ensures that introducing the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S to its new owner is an experience befitting its stature, filled with anticipation and culminating in a moment of grandeur.



The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S at Monarch Showroom is enhanced with a selection of curated packages, each adding to the vehicle’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Below is a breakdown:


  • Lane Tracking Package: This includes Lane Keeping Assist and a Blind Spot monitoring system, enhancing the safety and convenience of the vehicle.

  • Exclusive Interior Package: Elevating the cabin’s ambiance, this package features Ambient Lighting and a Dinamica Headliner.

  • Exclusive Interior Trim: The vehicle boasts a Gloss Carbon Rear Cross Bar and Gloss Carbon Interior Trim, adding a touch of sophistication and a modern edge to the interior aesthetics.

  • Red Brake Calipers: Enhance the car’s external appearance while signifying its high-performance braking capabilities.

  • Fixed Panoramic Roof: An element of spaciousness, offering expansive views and enhancing the driving experience.

  • Burmester High-End Surround System: An auditory delight, this state-of-the-art sound system provides an immersive audio experience, complementing the dynamic drive of the AMG GT Coupe S.

  • AMG Illuminated Door Sill Plates: A touch of elegance and exclusivity, greeting passengers with a subtle yet luxurious detail.


Priced at $82,000, the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S at Monarch Showroom presents remarkable value. This mirrors the car’s exceptional condition and limited mileage, indicating minimal wear and sustained performance potential. Meticulously maintained, the vehicle is a testament to enduring quality and care.


Equipped with sophisticated features and bespoke packages, the AMG GT Coupe S transcends basic functionality, offering an enhanced driving experience that blends agility, comfort, and style.


Financing Options

Investing in a vehicle like the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe S is significant, thus, Monarch Showroom offers various financing solutions. Catering to diverse financial needs and preferences, our clients’ path to owning this extraordinary vehicle is as seamless as the driving experience it provides.


For assistance and to explore the financing options, connect with our finance expert, Jake Sudduth. Reach out to him at or call (615) 880-9900 for a consultation. 


Monarch Showroom: A Cut Above

Monarch Showroom stands distinct in the world of luxury automotive dealerships by crafting experiences that resonate with automobile connoisseurs. Each vehicle’s narrative intertwines with the aspirations of its prospective owner, offering a journey that goes beyond conventional car buying.


Monarch’s team brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for automobiles, setting the stage for extraordinary encounters with every visit. The staff at Monarch can assist clients in exploring the nuances of each model. They are storytellers, enthusiasts, and seasoned guides.


The vehicles at Monarch Showroom are curated masterpieces, each selected for its blend of performance, elegance, and historical significance. Beyond their technical prowess, these cars captivate with the stories they embody and the emotions they evoke, ensuring every client discovers a vehicle that aligns with their tastes and driving ambitions.


More than a mere destination, Monarch Showroom is a symbol of trust, quality, and excellence in luxury automotive dealings. Clients become part of a legacy that celebrates the pinnacle of automotive artistry and craftsmanship. Welcome to Monarch Showroom, where every visit is a journey into the heart of automotive passion and exclusivity.

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